Feed Line Control Unit


After Jan. 1, 2011 repairs on this unit will be discontinued and will be upgraded to MOORE 06

Two Year Warranty

A complete remote feed line control unit that contains both a feed line time delay and a maximum run timer provides total control of when the feed line runs, how long it runs, and protects against feed loss. These units can work with any existing shut-off device.

Completely sealed boxes have clear, easy-view hinged covers so you can see what is happening in your feed line. Conveniently mount the control box in the hallway or office in the same loca- tion as your other production controls. This eliminates the need to enter the livestock area just to check the feed line. Provides accurate, reliable controls even when you are not there.

Use the maximum run timer to set feed line run times specific to your operation.
Prevents feed loss when:

  • Hogs bump off feed tubes
  • Shut-off switch fails
  • Bulk bins run empty

Also available in 4″ x 4″ economy version without hinges.

Relay or Relay/Timer enclosures for use on stand-alone sensors, add-ons to extend time delays, and custom applications.






Description Part # Price
Dual Feed Line Control Unit 110 Call
Single Feed Line Control Unit 111 Call
Single Feed Line Control Unit in 4X4X4 Box 220 Volt 112 Call
Single Feed Line Control Unit in 4X4X4 Box 110 Volt 113 Call
Quad Feed Line Control Unit 123 Call
110 Volt Relay Enclosure 130 $69
220 Volt Relay Enclosure 131 $69
110 Volt Timer/Relay Enclosure 132 $199
220 Volt Timer/Relay Enclosure 133 $199