Feed Switch Comparison



1.  Water Tight Sensor – Only watertight sensor on the market Sensor not watertight
2.  Watertight Control Box – Rated for under water use Control box not watertight
3.  Shielded Sensor – Not affected by dust or feed build up  Non-shielded feed, dust effected
4.  Three Wire Install – East, fast installation Difficult/Multi wire connections
5.  Easy to View and Set Timers – With indicator lights  Hard to set time delay
6.  Replaceable and Repairable Components Non-replaceable throw away parts
7.  Remote Sensor Designed for any Application Specific mounting applications only
8.  Rugged Components, Built for the Environment Cheap components, disposable, short life
9.  Capacitive Proximity Senses the Feed Photo eyes see dust, feed and debris,
false readings
10. Immediate Feed Line Start Requires a time delay first before starting
12. 24/7 Customer Service Undependable customer service

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