Feed Outage



“The daily weight gain (ADG) of a pig is directly correlated to the daily intake (ADFI) of that pig and the intake is no-doubt increased when feed is available at all times.

…Whatever a producer can do to limit the number of feed outages can lead to an improvement in the ADG and therefore an increased return for the pig. We know from studies that feed outages lead to lower gains and in some cases also lead to increased illness. There is a cost to every feed outage.”

Dr. Ross Kiehne
Swine Vet Center – St. Peter, MN

Effects of Feed Outages

  • A 24-hour feed outage can decrease market value of one pig by $1
  • Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome in Pigs
  • Increased fighting and mortality rates
  • Long term changes in eating behaviors in growing pigs
  • Decrease gain that occurred during the growing period cannot be compensated for

Effect of Out-of-Feed and Diet Particle Size on Pig Performance and Welfare

by Michael C. Brumm MSc PhD of University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
Sheryl L. Colgan BS; Kelly J. Bruns MSc PhD of South Dakota State University

Will Nutrition and Management Stop Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome? A Veterinarian’s Perspective
by Dr. William L. Hollis

Choose Moore 06-C Feed Line Control to Avert Feed Outages