Feed Line Equipment

We are happy that you have decided to take a closer look at our Feed Line Equipment. This is a list of our available feed line products. Click on the name of a specific product to be taken to a page that provides additional information about that specific product.


More than a single feedline switch
This new unit will communicate and control up to 4 feedlines per console simultaneously and provides the flexibility to configure feedlines according to your feeding protocol. The MOORE 18 will only scan and control status of the feedlines selected on the relay modules that are active. The Consumption Meter accesses each feedline and records total Auger Run Time for the last 24 hours.

Dependable and built to last
Built with the same dependability and longevity as the MOORE 06 controls, the unit has externally adjustable time delay and maximum run timers, along with an accumulative timer, alarm contacts, and contacts for PC communications. The control is enclosed in a Nema 4X watertight enclosure and can be mounted in an office or hallway.

Low voltage for easy install
This control is low voltage for easy installation into any new or existing feed system using a 2-wire communication to each smart relay. The smart relay is located at the drive head unit. A large digital LED display indicates the status of the switch and it is covered by a five year warranty.

Perfect for Flag Feed System Controls – Click here for more info


This unique level control uses an inductive sensor to monitor grain in most grain bins, including corrugated bin applications.


Unlike any other level indicator switch, the saddle switch mounts directly to the PVC pipe used for the feed line. It is then wired to our feed line control units to take complete control of your feed line.


A simple, safe effective way to protect the area surrounding your ladder by keeping hogs at a distance.