Feed Line Equipment

We are happy that you have decided to take a closer look at our Feed Line Equipment. This is a list of our available feed line products. Click on the name of a specific product to be taken to a page that provides additional information about that specific product.

Moore 06 Feed Switch
Take control of your feed lines with the easy to use Moore 06 LED control panel. Equipped with consumption meter, cycle timer and flag feed system control, it is more than just a feed line switch.

Feed Line Control Unit
A complete remote feed line control unit that contains both a feed line time delay and a maximum run timer provides total control of when the feed line runs, how long it runs, and protects against feed loss.

Level Control Paddle Switch
This unique level control uses an inductive sensor to monitor grain in most grain bins, including corrugated bin applications.

Saddle Level Indicator Switch
Unlike any other level indicator switch, the saddle switch mounts directly to the PVC pipe used for the feed line. It is then wired to our feed line control units to take complete control of your feed line.

110 or 220 Volt Timers
Replacement of internal timers is easy with the variety offered at Moore Automation, Inc.

Ladder Guard
A simple, safe effective way to protect the area surrounding your ladder by keeping hogs at a distance.