Level Control Proximity Switch

Reliable Proximity Sensor monitors feed lines and grain levels

MA-135 Proximity Sensor

This unique level indicator uses a proximity sensor to monitor bulk materials such as grain, feed, sawdust or sand.

More style configurations are offered to accommodate different mounting requirements. Built of stainless steel, this switch is totally submersible.  The unit pictured is the KA-140 & 135 indicator light. This unit can also control augers. The price is just $199 per level.




This sensor can be used without a protective enclosure. The sensor is totally water-tight.

Sensors available for almost every application.



Description Part # Price
Jar Light/Relay Box Enclosure
Complete with Sensor
MA-135 $199
per level



Mounting Plate Instructions for Center Mount and In-Bin Mount
Wiring Diagram MA1C-110V/220V