Level Control Paddle Switch

Reliable stainless steel inductive Paddle Switch monitors grain levels

paddle_switch_1This unique level control uses an inductive sensor to monitor grain in most grain bins including corrugated bin applications. Built of stainless steel, this switch is totally submersible. Several style configurations are offered to accommodate different mounting requirements.

  • Angle mount for sloped bins
  • Open designed for low voltage installations. Stainless steel bracket, 3 ft. of wire, sensor mounted in back
  • Open top style design where sensor is mounted on top
  • Open top style where sensor is mounted in back with a smaller foot print
  • Enclosed style with PVC box and stainless steel switch construction

Mounting Plate Instructions

20-240 AC DIMENSIONS (h,w,d) PRICE
KA-621 8 3/4, 4 1/2, 1 1/2 $179

Monitor the grain level in your bin with inductive Paddle Switch when using Dryer Controls

A paddle switch is mounted at the top of the grain column. This reliable, easy to maintain switch is also used below the drying fan/heater as a full storage monitor of the cooling and storage compartment of the grain bin.