• Moore 06-C


The next generation feed line control

* Easy To Read LED Display
* Push Button Settings
* Complete Status Display (No more guessing)
* Adjustable Time Display (0 min to 99.9 hrs.)
* Adjustable Max Run Time (2 sec. to 99.9 min.)
* Alarm Contacts
* 30 Amp Р3Hp Power Relay(capable of running 2 motors)
* Surge Protected
* Serviceable Board Design
* Watertight Controls

Built with the same dependability and longevity as all Moore Automation controls, this control has a PC board design that keeps the cost affordable without losing the integrity of the product. The unit now has externally adjustable time delay and maximum run timers, along with an accumulative timer, alarm contacts, and contacts for PC communications. The controls are enclosed in a Nema 4X watertight enclosure and can be mounted in a office, hallway, or next to the feed line motor. Click to read more


Complete Moore 06 System

This feed line control can be used in conjunction with or enhance any of the Moore Automation products.
Purchase the Moore 06 as an individual unit or as a system as pictured.

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