Ladder Guard

A Simple, Safe Effective Way to Protect the Area Surrounding Your Ladder by Keeping Hogs at a Distance.

$80 Introductory Price Offer

Work safely on Your Ladder

Hogs that get within 2-3” of wire will receive a low voltage electric shock keeping them away. You can keep your ladder in the barn and work safely, without fear falling off the ladder knocked over by your hogs.
Operates with an Electric Fence Sensor
A set of one ground and one hot wire surround the outside perimeter of the base of the ladder and are connected to the power source that is hooked on the frame of the ladder and is suspended between the legs of the ladder. The power center is protected with a non-conductive polyethylene cover and is powered with 2 DD batteries that provide a low voltage charge using the ground and hot wires as shown in the photo.

Two Sizes Available

Fits around 3/4 ft. or 5/6 ft. tall ladders

$198 per ladder

Ladder Guard provides effective insurance against falls caused by hogs knocking over your ladder.