Automatic Dryer Controls

Provides continuous grain drying when used on automatic roof (top) dryer controls

Set your dryer controls for simultaneous filling and dumping of grain 24 hours a day. Temperature sensors are monitored to accurately control the dumping of grain at predetermined moisture settings.

  • Controls all functions of automatic roof (top) dryers
  • Weather-tight control panel with clear cover for easy viewing of operations
  • Continuous grain temperature display
  • Includes stainless steel temperature probes

All day to day functions are performed on the switches mounted on the exterior or the weather-tight control panel. There is no need to open the panel door once the dryer controls have been set.

These features include:

  • Fan and fan 2 start and stop switches
  • Dryer control functions
  • Burner on/off switch

Dryer control operations can be easily monitored through the clear cover on the control panel

The 4 line LCD visual display module informs the operator of all functions of the dryer including:

  • time settings
  • low grain, or full storage
  • auger delay settings
  • power out conditions
  • fan heat errors

An LED temperature display continuously informs the operator of the grain temperature. Stainless steel temperature probes are available in sets of 2 or 4 sensors. A simple set point menu is standard on all units.

Monitor the grain level with inductive Paddle Switch

A paddle switch is mounted at the top of the grain column. This reliable, easy to maintain switch is also used below the drying fan/heater as a full storage monitor of the cooling and storage compartment of the grain bin.




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