Grain Equipment

We are happy that you have decided to take a closer look at our Grain Equipment. This is a list of our available grain products. Click on the name of a specific product to be taken to a page that provides additional information about that specific products.

Automatic Dryer Controls
Set your dryer controls for simultaneous filling and dumping of grain 24-hours a day. Temperature sensors are monitored to accurately control the dumping of grain at predetermined moisture settings.

Level Control Paddle Switch
This unique level control uses an inductive sensor to monitor grain in most grain bins, including corrugated bin applications.

Level Control Proximity Sensors
This unique level control uses a proximity sensor to monitor feed lines and other bulk materials, such as grain, feed, sawdust or sand.

Level Indicator Panel and Accessories
Monitor up to 12 level switches in one panel. This 12-point monitor with time-delay relay to activate, Manual/Off/Auto selector switch and alarm push silence button.

Maximum Run Timer
Use the maximum run timer for most bin fan or feed line applications. Set feed line run times specific to your operation.